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We are your basketball hoop assembly and installation experts.

We at Nail It Handyman have years of professional experience installing, assembling and replacing all types of basketball hoops and goals.

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We install, mount, service and do a full assembly of all types of basketball hoops, including: portable, breakaway, polycarbonate, shatterproof, and more. We have experience with popular brands such as: Lifetime, Goalrilla, Spalding, Hydra Rib, Pro Dunk Platinum, Goaliath, Goalsetter, Little Tikes, Gorilla, and Silverback.
Whether you are mounting it outdoors, to your garage wall, or installing a pole in the ground, we do it all—we are the company to call.
We also service all of your hoop’s parts, including the net, backboard, rib, sleeve, spring, rim, yard guard, and more.
When you are looking for basketball hoop services near you, make sure to call Nail It Handyman.
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Servicing Residential and Commercial.

Nail It Handyman.

The Difference:

The traditional handyman does not understand the difference between “handyman” contractor or carpenter, therefore when there is an opportunity of a big renovation, the Handyman will gladly accept the job, forgetting of all other customer that will need to wait 2 months to hang a light fixture or picture frame,

We at Nail It Handyman, understand the definition of “Handywork” and we turn down renovation offers, that enables us to provide the service our customer love so much!!

Call today and start feeling at ease — you’ll be glad you did.


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Has a deep commitment to quality and building a network of satisfied customers. I’ve had the opportunity to speak with the owner at length, and absolutely like his outlook on life and attitude towards business and customers.

– John Chapman