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The Secret to More Energy Winter

Winter is finally arriving, and we are spending more time indoors. Now is the time when you start noticing all the little things that need to get done in your house. That cluttered closet is driving everyone nuts. The fireplace is filthy. Those bulbs never get changed. The mirror that nobody hung up. Even more than annoying you, Life coach Kristin Taliaferro who calls these “tolerations” says that they take away your time and mental space. “Getting rid of tolerations opens up space so good things can flow in,” Kristin says.

It’s amazing how many things we let ride, determined not to let them bother us. But they do! They take away the energy we have, so we don’t have the room to create the life we want. Can you relate to feeling tired and moody? You need to try this suggestion.

Kristin’s idea is to make a list of 100 things that bother you, and then work on getting rid of them. Here are some tolerations Nail It can help you get rid of. In your home: We can install shelves, hooks, and rods into your cluttered closet, so coats and gear don’t land on the floor. For your peace of mind, we install safer locks and a peephole, clean clogged dryer vent, connect child locks, fix wobbly chairs and shaky cabinet door. In your office environment, let us fix the file cabinet that won’t shut, the new desk that hasn’t been assembled, the drafty door, and the door stopper.

Besides for bothering you and consuming your motivation, letting things ride in your house will end up costing you more. Old friends of ours who moved into a condo confessed that for twenty years, they let things ride in their house. They never fixed the minor, eventually turned major annoyances. After that amount of time, the house was in such bad shape that they had to sell it to a developer, to be razed to the ground.

Think of how great you will feel, zapping an entire to do list with one phone call to Nail It. You deserve to enjoy the environment you are in, whether it is home or office. Get ready to add more energy to your life.